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Welcome To The Open Source Revival SGGG Project Page for 2021-2022!

This is "The Open Source Segagaga Revival Project (for the year) 2021-22!" My goal, for now, is to make this a doable thing and have 'it' at least readable in english with a full playthrough. Only one playthrough of this game will be done as I do not have the time to replay [New Game +] for 104 (+ ?) games.  However that being said, it WILL give me full on confidence that there can and will be an fully english-ifed script ready when I find a programmer who is willing to take the time to put the skills and know-how to the test inputting this script into the GDI. Wish me luck!  I do hope you enjoy the ride with me! **P.S. - Keep in mind the times of play will be random. I will not have a set schedule yet but I do plan to have mostly EVERYTHING in readable English! ***P.P.S. - My font tastes is bad, but bare with me! ****P.P.P.S. - When I DO work on the series, I will update this main post with DDL links of the walkthrough and upload them to our TOSRP Segagaga! youtube c

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